Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Get Started

Here, we will be going through the basics of the Fortnite Battle Royale game, getting to grips with the map which the mode takes place o as well as how the eye of the storm works. If you are looking for the locations of the Fortnite Ice-cream Truck, we also have those too.

Also, we've got extra guides on aspects of the Fortnite game asides the Battle Royale mode. Now, head over to the Fortnite Mobile guide for more details on these areas.

The Fortnite Battle Royale Battle Bus

When the Battle Royale game starts, you will be transported to a Battle bus, and you have to jump out as a timer counts down. Bring out your map to know where the bus is headed exactly, as the bus will take-off from a random location for each game, so you will need to manually check the map to know if the Bus will be passing over any landmarks on your map. You will need to decide when to jump out of the plane exactly, and aim to ideally land close to a building on the land.

The reason is that immediately after hitting the ground, you will need to make it to the close building, where all the ammunition and weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale are situated. Ammo or weapons cannot be found in any other location on the map except within the houses and some other buildings. Ensure that any ammo you have picked is loaded in tour weapon, and scavenge the surroundings for useful items which can be picked up.

Also, you will always begin the game with only a pickaxe which can be used to destroy items in the environment, including furniture, trees, walls, etc. You will gain metal, stone resources, and wood depending on the items destroyed with the pickaxe, and it's advisable to lay your hands on as much materials as you can, as you don't know when you will need to build in order to escape an encounter.