Best Loot Spots in Battle Royale

The release of Fortnite Battle Royale game stormed the world as it is entirely “free-to-play”, in addition to the fun derived from the game. To understand the game well, you have to know the best places to find loot. We will look at 3 of the best spots to find some loot - like melee weapons, guns, etc.

Best Places to Loot in Battle Royale

There are several places where players can loot in Fortnite's Battle Royale game, and even though all these places have different loot for the players to obtain and equip themselves with, all do not contain some of the greatest weapons in the game (this is what a lot of players are really searching for). To give you a heads up, we have listed three best spots to find loot in Fortnite's Battle Royale game.

1. Wailing Wood

This is one of the best spots to land. The area offers a lot of loot for your fire team, as you get to find items, weapons, and chests where you can find goodies.


Rebinding your control scheme is recommended to make the building much quicker.

So far, rebind options have been found to be the best for flat platforms, ramps and walls.

In searchable areas and buildings tops in Wailing Wood, you can loot the tower nearby with a chest that has enough goodies. The chest in this tower has become a lifesaver, and we will keep on trusting in it till we have no reason to.

2. Dusty Depot

The Dusty Depot is located in the middle of the map and locating the exact point is quite tough. It remains one of the best spots to get plenty of loot, with 3 major warehouses which are hangar-like and have items and good weapons in them to be looted by players. Also, you can destroy the ramps that lead to them in order to create a point of defense, if required. There is also a possibility of finding some chests to loot here, which increases your chances of looting more.

The major disadvantage of Dusty Depot is that it is a hot zone for any player that drops in, as it's centrally located. It's quite appealing with some beautiful cities around, though it's one of the tensest areas to start.

3. Salty springs

This is a resort-like location with a lot of chests. Besides finding a lot of loot in this area, you will also indulge some hidden chests within the attics of various buildings around. Simply ensure to listen to the chiming noise which they make when you are looting. The area is not too popular, but it's known to be a great spot.