The Advanced Building Guide

Fortnite spin on the Battle Royale game is the ability to build quickly and use what you've created for survival. It opens a world of endless possibilities when you face an enemy and it becomes a battle of more building prowess than gun play. The player who can quickly create a building has more advantage and can find creative ways of destroying the enemy's setup.

Shooting and aiming are major components of taking enemies out, but it's even more crucial to put yourself in a perfect position to win the battle. Building – and even quick building is not as easy as it seems, so we have put together an easy guide that will outline clearly all the controls that you need to build faster than your enemies on Fortnite Battle Royale.

How To Build Fast

  • Q: This takes you to the building menu immediately and defaults for building walls.
  • Click F1, F2, F3 and F4 to browse through the building options (platforms, ramps, etc.)
  • F5: for placing traps on flat surfaces.
  • RMB: While in the building menu, right click to browse the material you are using.
  • R: For rotating a structure.


Rebinding your control scheme is recommended to make the building much quicker.

So far, rebind options have been found to be the best for flat platforms, ramps and walls.

Once you are shot, you’ll be blown up and that’ll be the end of the game. Then, you will get information about who actually killed you. In the next match, you can take revenge. You will be able to respawn by just a click. Your result is your best kill streak. The rank is displayed in the right corner on a small board. Are you prepared to rule your confrontation? You can join any server among Germany, Brazil, Singapore, and US. There are numerous servers available. You can even join or create a private game if you’ve got a code.

  • Q or E: walls (building option1)
  • F or V: platforms (building option 2)
  • F or V: ramp (building option 3)

Alternatively, you can try out this for building option:

  • Z: wall (building option 1)
  • X: platforms (building option 2)
  • C: ramp (building option 3)

Here are some tricks and tips to help you build more quickly:

It is worth ensuring your mouse sensitivity is properly setup. If it is set extremely low, it will be more difficult to move around in a circle and build faster for yourself. You want a proper balance between accuracy and speed, so take your time to find a setting that you are comfortable with so as to make your building faster.

Practice more. Do not think much about winning matches, and focus more on how to improve your building skills. Every time you are attacked or you spot an enemy, try to develop the habit of building to protect yourself and gain an advantage. The more you build for yourself, the better you will get!

Getting used to these settings may take time, but it is worth giving it a try and aiming to improve your building skill on Fortnite Battle Royale.